Women’s Sober Living

The environment in which we live is a vital factor that influences our lifestyle choices. Will power, especially for addicts, can sometimes falter when in the face of temptation and bad influences. Women’s sober living homes provide a sanctuary for women wherein they can distance themselves from environmental influences that can push them back to a life of addiction. Often, addiction comes as a result of environmental factors – a family problem, difficulties in the workplace, or the death of a loved one – that can cause a breakdown and lead to coping through addiction. Resolving these issues and distancing one’s self from bad influences is the key to addiction recovery and sobriety.

A women’s sober living home finds a balance between providing or bringing back the structure in one’s life while also providing the independence one needs to make their own choices. Making choices on their own is good practice for when the time comes wherein individuals must live outside the walls of the sober living home and continue the journey on their own. Leaving a women’s sober living home does not mean that the healing process is over, for many, it is the sign of a new beginning – a new life where they can now make sound lifestyle choices and try to keep sober for good.

Sanctuary for Sober Living is a premier women’s sober living home where women can relax in comfort and luxury. There is no need to worry once you enter our facility, our caring and very capable staff will take care of all your needs. All you have to do is focus on your recovery and take a good look at your life so you can see what needs to be improved and see all the loved ones that are prepared to go the extra mile for you. You are not alone in your journey to addiction recovery; at Sanctuary for Sober Living, you can never have too many friends – or sisters.