Transitional Living for Women

The journey from addiction to recovery can be an arduous journey, and it is best taken one day at a time. Sadly, recovering from addiction is, at times, easier said than done. Transitional living for women focuses on the experiences of addicts because these can vary from person to person. Addressing addiction-related issues is not always as simple as taking a pill or attending a therapy session, so women in transitional living programs are constantly monitored and provided immediate appropriate care as soon as a problem arises. Transitional living also brings women of similar circumstances together in an environment wherein they can provide each other support. The spirit of sisterhood is very important in these situations since this can prove to be a strong foundation for developing healthy and lasting relationships – and, at times like these, a friend can mean the difference between a relapse and a life of sobriety.

Transitional living for women is based on the concept of providing women a sanctuary wherein they can focus on their recovery in comfort and safety, enabling them, eventually, to make sound lifestyle choices. The choices recovering addicts make are very important because these will determine whether they will continue with recovery or go back to their destructive old habits. It must also be taken into consideration that, although addiction may be a behavioral disorder, it is also coupled with physiological disorders that push an individual to continued use of a certain substance. In other words, addiction recovery programs require patience and the necessary expertise in order to be successful.

At Sanctuary for Sober Living, we aim to bring the structure destroyed by addiction back in a woman’s life. Our luxurious and comfortable amenities and topnotch services will provide the impetus one needs to start on that journey toward recovery and a life of happiness and sobriety. Spiritual healing and development is also a focus in Sanctuary for Sober Living’s transitional living for women. Spiritual healing completes the healing process and provides recovering addicts the will power and strength of spirit that will enable them to overcome addiction and its repercussions.