Sober Living for Women

Addiction treatment and recovery entails a lifestyle that is strictly controlled and bound by rules that will help guide an individual in the right direction. Recovery from addiction is never simple, and life after recovery in an addiction treatment center can pose certain challenges – most importantly, the fact that the individual is now free to live life as he or she chooses. Sober living for women can help those who have fallen victim to addiction begin the journey to a sober life. Temptation is always around the corner, especially for recovering addicts. Completing the addiction treatment and recovery process does not conclude the healing process. In fact, the period after recovery can sometimes be the most challenging, and can lead even the best of people into a relapse.

For women, being in the presence of other women facing the same challenges can be very reassuring. A close-knit sisterhood can be the foundation of a woman’s support system that will see her through addiction recovery. Sober living for women is the best alternative for someone looking to kick her bad habit for good. Women’s sober living homes are designed specifically to address women’s needs, and are usually built similar to a large apartment home or dormitory. In the case of a sober living home for women, those who live in it also share a common challenge: the challenge of complete addiction recovery.

At Sanctuary for Sober Living, we take sober living for women very seriously. We provide women the care and luxury they deserve within a rustic Spanish hacienda surrounded by private gardens and an elegant pool. The old-world design and relaxing ambiance provides an atmosphere wherein residents can relax and focus on their recovery. Bedrooms are either private or semi-private, giving a measure of privacy while fostering camaraderie among its residents. A sanctuary of safety and serenity – this is what we at Sanctuary for Sober Living guarantee.