Rehabilitation Hospital Fresno Ca

Rehabilitation Hospital Fresno Ca

Fresno Nursing Center is an acclaimed rehabilitation hospital in Fresno, CA. Our range of services includes wound care, medication management, occupational, speech, and physical therapy to post-operative patients and seniors.

What is injury rehabilitation?

Injury rehabilitation refers to the safe and therapeutic approach to treating pain and injury in individuals. It helps patients regain range of motion and mobility after an injury. The focus in these programs is to help the injured return to pre-injury function with a series of targeted exercises and to educate them on how to avoid recurring injuries.

In these programs, a skilled physiotherapist prepares a customized exercise prescription to improve mobility, reduce the risk for further sport-related injuries. Physical rehab also helps athletes attain the best performance. At our rehabilitation hospital in Fresno, CA, we offer highly effective physical therapy for patients recovering from acute sports injuries, hand injuries, shoulder dislocation, tendonitis, etc.

Tips for a speedy recovery after Surgery

Every individual undergoing surgery wants to know the fastest way to recover so that they can return to their routine. Follow your doctor’s instructions precisely and do not skip the medications, as it could delay the recovery. Do not skip a follow-up appointment just because you feel good, and your wound is healing at a progressive rate. Only a trained physician can make that decision after a thorough examination of your incision, signs of infection, etc.

Eat a balanced meal, and drink plenty of water for a speedy recovery. Lastly, wash your hand before touching your surgical incision and make sure to inspect the site of incision every day for any abnormal changes.

Tips for recovering from sports injuries

Injuries are inevitable in an athlete’s lifetime. These tips will help you recover from a sports injury:

  • Follow first aid – If you are dealing with a soft tissue injury like muscle pulls, tears, sprains, etc., make sure to take enough rest to avoid further stress on the injured limb or joint. Apply ice to the injured area for 20 minutes at least 6-8 times a day to avoid swelling and pain. Remember to contain the area using a compression bandage to avoid muscle spasms and swelling. Keep the injured limb in an elevated position using a pillow or sling.
  • Seek treatment immediately – While you may be able to follow the above mentioned first aid for minor injuries, of severe conditions, you must visit a doctor at the earliest. Immediate treatment is crucial to avoid more stress and injury and to aid in fast healing.
  • Rehabilitation – Once your swelling, pain, and bruising is down, you must train with a physiotherapist before you could get back to the game. It is crucial to practice physical therapy exercises to regain flexibility, endurance, strength, and balance after an injury.

Contact the Fresno Nursing Center today to receive treatment and care from a top-rated rehabilitation hospital in Fresno, CA. Our team of clinical staff offers personalized care and support to each of our patients in a comfortable and homelike environment.

Rehabilitation Hospital Fresno Ca

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Rehabilitation Hospital Fresno Ca

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