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Are you looking for a rehab in Indiana? Indiana Inpatient Rehab is a pioneer treatment center with evidence-based treatment programs and a highly skilled team of clinical staff. We work with each patient in recovery to help them achieve lasting sobriety.

Benefits of Motivational Interview in addiction treatment

Several types of research validate the effectiveness of Motivational Interviewing in treating substance/alcohol abuse. It is one of the most adaptable and flexible therapies that work on all ages and types of the patient population. MI is a treatment philosophy where a therapist encourages and guides a recovering addict to take responsibility to attain sobriety. This is an evidence-based practice (EBP) that offers phenomenal outcomes in addiction treatment.

A study on MI revealed that almost 75% of the study’s participants showed significant improvement in their thought, actions, and behaviors during addiction treatment with MI techniques. We offer MI therapy before we start other psychotherapies for the best patient outcome. As many as 5-6 sessions of motivational enhancement therapy are usually required to see positive patient outcomes. However, more sessions can offer the best results. 

Another advantage is the versatility of the therapy; it works well on people with mild to severe addiction issues and yields the best impact in minority populations. At our rehab in Indiana, MI sessions have helped us improve patient engagement and increase treatment retention rates.

Is CBT useful in addiction treatment?

We use CBT to help our patients identify and analyze negative and self-defeating thoughts. It is common for recovering addicts to have a recurring pattern of destructive and harmful thoughts. To treat their addiction efficiently, we must work towards eliminating such thoughts. Our therapists work with patients to change such thought patterns into positive and creative ones. 

CBT is a reforming treatment model that offers the best results in a short duration. CBT aims to create awareness in individuals with an addiction condition. With the help of CBT, we treat patients with issues like anxiety, attention deficit disorder, bipolar disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder which are some of the root causes of addiction.

Essential skills for managing triggers

Recurring negative thoughts are the root cause of most mental disorders which over time leads to addiction. With the help of CBT, we equip our patients with essential skills to manage triggers, they are:

  • Recognize – We encourage our patients to think, analyze and examine negative thoughts that trigger the use of drugs/alcohol
  • Avoid – We equip patients to overcome the temptation and triggers by evacuating themselves from stressful situations
  • Cope – We use a variety of CBT techniques to help patients to tackle their emotions and thoughts in a much logical and mature manner.

These three fundamental points equip a recovering addict to maintain his sobriety even after treatment and avoid relapse. Your journey for a better tomorrow is only a phone call away. Call Indiana Inpatient Rehab today to assist you with treatment programs, prices, and other details. We a leading rehab in Indiana to offer exception treatment programs and patient care.

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