How Long Does Naltrexone Last

How Long Does Naltrexone Last

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is essential in preventing relapse, overdose, and even death. Naltrexone is used in MAT To treat alcohol use disorder and substance use disorder. It blocks the cravings and need for opioids and alcohol. Further, the medication stops the reward circuit in the brain from reacting to opioids or drugs. This helps clients concentrate on their treatment and work on underlying causes of substance use, all key in attaining lasting sobriety. Here at Beat Addiction Recovery, we’re a MAT program that offers naltrexone to lower the risk of relapse and aid patients in reaching their recovery goals.

Naltrexone FAQs.

Below we answer naltrexone most asked questions, such as how long does naltrexone last? And can naltrexone help with alcohol use disorder?

How Long Does Naltrexone Last?

Naltrexone is available in tablet form or as injectables. Oral naltrexone starts working after about an hour while injections reach the first peak at approximately 2 hours, followed by another peak 2 to 3 days later.

The 50 mg tablet lasts for 24 to 36 hours, the effects of the 100 mg tablets linger for 48 hours, and the 150 mg lasts 72 hours. Blood levels of injectable naltrexone slowly reduce 14 days after administration, but levels remain measurable for almost a month.

What Affects How Long Naltrexone Lasts?

The length of time naltrexone lasts will vary from one individual to another, based on the speed at which their body breaks down the medication in their system. Some of the factors that can determine this include:

  • Metabolic rate
  • Age
  • Kidney and liver function
  • Taking other medications
  • Underlying health conditions like liver disease

How Effective Is Naltrexone Against Alcoholism?

Naltrexone reduces a person’s desire for alcohol. After the client stops drinking, naltrexone can help them remain sober for a long time. Even though the medication can’t cure alcoholism, it’s used as part of a holistic alcohol addiction treatment plan to help patients achieve lasting sobriety.

When Will I Stop Taking Naltrexone?

Your addiction specialist will work with you to determine how long you should take naltrexone. A majority of patients use the medication for 12 weeks or more. Studies reveal that prescribing naltrexone for over three months increases the success of the medication. For optimal results, don't skip pills, don't take more than you're supposed to, and don't stop taking the medication until advised by your doctor.

How Does Naltrexone Work?

Anytime someone takes opioids or alcohol, a portion of their brain makes them feel pleasure. Naltrexone blocks these areas of the brain. When a person doesn’t get the high sensation that encourages them to drink, they can easily quit.

Will I Require Other Treatments For Opioid Or Alcohol addiction?

MAT can't be used as a standalone treatment for substance use disorder. It's most effective when included in a comprehensive treatment plan with programs like counseling, group support, family therapy, and aftercare.

Help is Available

At Beat Addiction Recovery, we provide naltrexone as part of medication-assisted treatment for alcohol and drug addiction. Naltrexone helps to improve retention in treatment and promote long-term sobriety. Contact us to learn more about our comprehensive medication-assisted treatment program for your practice: 888-913-1099.