Drug rehabilitation near LA

Our drug rehabilitation near LA is a 5,000 square foot Spanish hacienda nestled amidst private gardens, decks, and a spectacular swimming pool. Sanctuary is a spiritual and elegant transitional sober living home in West Hills, California, with the best amenities and dedicated staff. Here are a few things you can expect at our drug rehab facility in LA:

  • Structured Environment

Our facility offers an organized, safe, and structured environment, providing recovering addicts with a framework for a healthy and sober lifestyle. We aim to craft an environment that promotes long-term recovery after recovering addicts leave an addiction treatment rehab. Our programs build a foundation for a new life and empower recovering addicts with healthy habits and life skills to lead a fulfilling and successful life in the real world.

  • 24 HR. Manager

We have a manager at our sober living house at all times of the day to monitor and help recovering addicts. Our manager coaches and guides our residents in their recovery journeys and ensures that they follow the safety procedures in the recovery house. The manager is always available on-site for new sober house resident orientation and initial screening process and offers move-in support. Our house manager will lead the weekly house meetings and address the residents’ concerns.

  • Introduction To 12 Step Meetings

We are one of the few Los Angeles drug and alcohol rehab centers to use the 12-Step Program to establish guidelines and help recovering addicts overcome alcohol addiction. Based on spiritual principles, the 12-Step Program helps both religious and non-religious people battling addiction disorders.

  • Sponsorship Guidance

At the end of our house meetings and AA or NA sessions, our manager asks the residents if they need a sponsor and offers guidance. We understand how our recovering addicts feel fragile and intimidated in early recovery. We have a network of sponsors to help our residents experience the true joy of leading a sober and healthy lifestyle. Our sponsors share their experience and instill hope and strength in recovering addicts to ease their anxieties in early recovery.

  • Transportation Coordination And Assistance

Ranked among the best drug rehabilitation centers, we offer transportation services to our clients to help them commute to work, run errands, and ongoing support meetings at their addiction treatment centers in Los Angeles.

  • Goal Setting

We establish a relapse prevention plan for recovering addicts and set realizable milestones. Setting a goal and an action plan helps our residents to stay sober in the long term and prevents them from getting distracted or falling back into alcohol addiction in Los Angeles.

  • Monthly Spa Day, Including Massage, Yoga, And Esthetician Services

Our residents have access to a monthly spa day and enjoy the most relaxing massages. We also conduct yoga and meditation classes daily to help our residents attain improved psychological and emotional wellness alongside sobriety.

Call us at 833-345-2484 to learn more about the services offered at our drug rehabilitation near LA. Sanctuary is a leading sober living home with hundreds of positive reviews and state-of-the-art amenities. We help individuals adapt to the life outside after spending several weeks at an inpatient rehab. Get in touch with us today.

Drug rehabilitation near LA

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