Depression Symptoms

It’s not uncommon for someone leaving addiction treatment to experience depression symptoms, fear, or anxiety as they think about the transition out of recovery and back home. Fortunately, there’s a safe haven where women can continue on their healing journey after completing residential detox and rehab; Sanctuary can provide comfort, safety, structure, support, and a wide range of amenities on your continued path to lifelong recovery from addiction. Reach out to our staff for information about our Sober Living homes; our 24-hour helpline number is reached at 833-345-2484.

5 Ways To Beat The Blues After Addiction Treatment

1. Stay connected with support by entering a structured sober living home; Sanctuary is one of the best in the state. If you’re dealing with mood disorders or feel apprehensive about going home and being around friends who contributed to your previous lifestyle, there’s every reason to contact Sanctuary to inquire about out transitional, safe living space. A depression diagnosis isn’t the end of your story- overcoming an addiction can go a long way to restoring your mental health.

2. Learn about the most common causes of depression by using the internet to research why you may be feeling depressed after completing addiction treatment. You may find that, like so many others, your depression is due to the fear of a relapse. By staying the course you’ve begun and continuing to heal at Sanctuary, you can beat clinical depression.

3. Think about better days ahead instead of lingering in the past. It’s not uncommon for recovering addicts to worry about what friends and family members think of them; the fact is, in most cases, the people who care about you will be waiting with open arms when you’ve completed your program. By staying in Sanctuary, you’ll show others that you’re committed to long-term recovery. We can offer depression and anxiety treatment along the way it it’s needed.

4. Stay active by engaging in activities provided at Sanctuary. Take part in enjoyable outdoor events, like barbecues, pool & jacuzzi fun, time around the outdoor wood burning fireplace, or yoga sessions. Make new friends at meal time and take every opportunity to share your story with others- you may be the encouragement they need to beat their depression symptoms.

5. Keep your goal of lasting sobriety in sight as you take one day at a time in sober living. Our luxurious, spacious home has much to offer in terms of relaxation, healing, and time to focus on you for a change. Your future is bright at Sanctuary; just consider how far you’ve come and how quickly you’ll be back with the people you love living life to its fullest.

Contact our staff at Sanctuary if you have questions about our sober living home, programs, amenities, and therapies. We can provide the structure needed to leave addiction in your past for good. Enforced curfew, house meetings, 12-step meetings, random testing, and house guidelines and rules ensure you’re moving in the right direction while transitioning out of treatment.

Depression Symptoms

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