Alcohol Treatment Centers in California

Patients leaving alcohol treatment centers in California find a safe haven at Sanctuary. Our safe, sober living home is complete with numerous amenities and luxury perks, the perfect place to continue healing from addiction. Recovery experts highly recommend spending time in a transitional residence before going home; at Sanctuary, you’ll enjoy panoramic views of West Hills, CA, a calming ambiance, private and semi-private quarters, and so much more. Don’t leave rehab until you’ve spoken with our staff at Sanctuary; contact us by phone at 833-345-2484.

Who Benefits From Sober Living?

Anyone who has spent time in a residential detox and rehab will experience positive benefits at Sanctuary. We work closely with Los Angeles drug and alcohol rehab centers to create a smooth transition out of treatment while avoiding the triggers of home life. If you’re concerned about relapsing after completing your program or have a history of relapse, we welcome your phone call and questions about our Sober Living home.

Why Choose Sanctuary?

Drug rehabilitation centers often boast perks or creature comforts; Sanctuary is no different- our home is a well-maintained 5,000 sq ft residence for women on a private one-acre lot, inclusive of the following amenities:

  • Formal dining
  • Flat screen TVs and premium cable in every bedroom
  • Fireplaes
  • Internet
  • Luxurious, spacious bedrooms
  • Outdoor BBQ, pool, jacuzzi, wood burning fireplace, yoga deck
  • Weekly housekeeping
  • 5 nutritious dinners per week prepared and provided
  • Once a month spa day
  • And so much more

Structured, Supportive Sober Living

Addiction treatment centers in Los Angeles that offer outpatient-only programs oftan fail to hit the mark when it comes to providing the structure needed after addiction treatment. In an effort to keep you on the safe track to achieving your long-term goals of recovery, the following elements are a part of your structured days at Sanctuary:

  • Morning meditations every day
  • 12-step meetings 5 times a week
  • House meetings
  • Sponsorship requirements
  • Curfew
  • Drug & alcohol testing
  • Maintaining a clean and organized living space
  • House guidelines and rules
  • Remaining clean & sober
  • Engaging in volunteer service

What Comes After Leaving Alcohol Treatment Centers in California

Battling alcohol addiction in Los Angeles is a lifelong effort; however, many say that it gets easier to avoid triggers and backsteps over time. We receive a lot of calls at Sanctuary asking what to expect as a residence of our sober living home; we have quite a lot to offer you as you continue your healing path:

  • 24 hour house manager
  • Structured environment
  • Intro to 12 step meetings
  • Transportation coordination
  • Goal setting
  • Family support
  • Personal and spiritual growth
  • Safe, stable living in an ultra-modern, beautiful home

After Addiction Treatment Rehab – Choose Sanctuary

Bookmark our website to find helpful information about sober living, including details about our location, our philosophy, negative consequences of alcoholism, and our contact info. You don’t have to fear leaving treatment; we have a sanctuary available for you that will enable you to take small steps toward going home. Feel free to reach out to our staff at 833-345-2484 and spend time on the phone with us when you’re in search of transitional housing.

Alcohol Treatment Centers in California

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