Addiction Case Management Austin

Addiction Case Management Austin

A sound plan of action can make a huge difference in whether you achieve your recovery goals. Quantum Recovery offers affordable addiction case management in Austin to help you find your path to lasting recovery. Whether you’ve tried addiction treatment in the past or are looking into rehab for the very first time, you’ll find our case management services to be an excellent resource if you want to maximize your time spent in treatment. Find out more about how we can help when you contact our staff at 512-829-6092.

3 Reasons You Need Case Management For Substance Abuse

1. Without a recovery specialist at your side, it’s difficult to navigate the many types and levels of care provided by treatment centers. With addiction case management in Austin, our team can recommend the right programs and services to keep you on the right track during rehab. Early recovery can be confusing, and case management is crucial to creating a customized continuum of care.

Let our recovery specialists assess your goals, look at your schedule, and provide professional insight into the best recovery options to meet your needs; we’ll help you choose from:

  • Residential Treatment
  • Partial Hospitalization Programs
  • Intensive Outpatient Programs
  • Outpatient Treatment
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Aftercare
  • Sober Living

2. At Quantum Recovery, we speak with many clients who tell us they wasted a lot of time in rehab before finding the right path to recovery. If you’re worried about ‘wasted’ time in treatment, you’re not alone. Austin addiction case management can significantly reduce the risk of choosing the wrong treatment center.

Our addiction case managers in Austin, TX have access to resources from around the community, so you can find help close to home. Our goal is to create a flexible and individualized plan for your recovery that will keep you moving forward over the coming weeks and months, with lifelong recovery as the primary goal.

3. The best addiction sponsors in Austin can help you avoid a relapse after spending time in treatment. Fear of a relapse is the second biggest reason why addicts don’t get help for an addiction- fear of painful withdrawals is the #1 reason. Working with substance abuse case management experts from Quantum Recovery, you can leave your fears at the door and get real help to overcome your addiction.

With relapse prevention programs, you’ll stay on track with sobriety by learning new tools and techniques to avoid a relapse during weak moments. Our team can also recommend MAT Detox services, or comfort meds, during withdrawals, so you can get early intervention for addiction in a local detox facility. Stop worrying and contact Quantum Recovery.

Find a lasting solution to your addiction problem by contacting our case management team in Austin, Texas today; reach us at 512-829-6092. Feel free to bookmark our website and review the free resources provided when seeking a team of recovery professionals to assist with your treatment plan. No one is more committed to your recovery process.

Addiction Case Management Austin